K7xx vs hd58x reddit

K7xx vs hd58x reddit

Audiophile Questions. I own all three. Which headphones would you go with for gaming, specifically FPS? I am being forced to go down to one set of cans out at anytime. I have many other "lower" end headphones as well.

I'm having a hard time picking between these three specifically. Sign Up Log In. Sort by: Newest. Oct 9, I'd be happy with any as a second choice though. So HE-4XX. Related Posts. Mixer for XLR microphone. Apr 16, Shipping to europe with covid Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if the shipping of a product to europe would be a problem considering the current crysis there.

Thank you in advance for your answers. Mar 26, Sennheiser HD 6XX right side cutting out? Hey, I just wanted to ask if anyone else is having the same issue I am This is the second pair in which the right ear cup has began cutting in and out on me, and I'm wondering if anyone has seem something like this happen and has fixed it with a better cable.

If so, I'd like to know which cable to pick up. I've only had these a few months, I'm surprised to see this kind of thing happen so quickly. Apr 20, Hello guysi ordered an hd 58x from sofiabulgaria and i don't know how many days it will take to ship here and if there will be any taxs i should pay to geti will leave the country 2 weeks from now as i am a foreigner hereso is it possible to get a refund if my order won't make it in time?

What gives with the delivery times? I do not mean to come across as hostile in any way, but I need some perspective from my fellow Europeans regarding shipping and how long it takes.

HD6XX vs K7XX vs HE4XX

I'm from Slovenia, not that far away from Germany, which is where my 58X Jubilees supposedly left over a month ago. I made my purchase on March 11th, Drop sent out the package to DHL and it arrived in Frankfurt Germany on March 17th and from what I can tell, the package was processed and sent out towards me. To claim otherwise would be absurd. Since the 17th, there has been 0 progress made in the location of my order.

I'm concerned that DHL have lost or neglected to ship my package and Drop's customer support are basically telling me to eff off and Apr 11, Broad sound stage Natural tonality Rich mids Vast bottom end About as comfortable as a pair of headphones can get.

Plastic, cheap-feeling build quality Can remove some power from vocals High-end could be more impressive. Precise audio and comfort are where it counts when it comes to reference headphones and the AKG K7XX reference headphones excel in both of these areas.

They're easy to recommend for producers, but those who simply want to listen to music with neutral sound would also do well to check them out. AKG has a rich history in terms of monitoring headphones, and its K7 series has been responsible for several industry legends. These come in an all-black version, or all-black with red highlights and both include a few tweaks to the K formula to make them more than just the same headphones in a new dress.

The K7XX has been around for several years nowand have appeared exclusively on Drop a number of times.

DT770 Pro, HD 58X, or HD 6XX for gaming/daily use?

The headphones themselves are similarly uncomplicated, with no buttons, dials, or controls of any kind. The message from AKG is clear: put these on, sit back, and listen. The K7XXs offer little in the way of visual charm. Boy, are these comfortable headphones.

Z Review - Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee [TAKE ONE] (IE The Long More Zeos'y one.)

The other part of this comfortable design comes from the cups themselves. These huge discs feature a fierce combination of velour padding and memory foam—and your sensitive ears will likely fit completely inside of them. The driver enclosures themselves are also a bit loose and wobbly when held. If one of the four bands of elastic on the K7XX breaks, however, it could be another matter. Still, treat these right and that situation may never arise. Light plastic might be easier on the head, but it comes at the price of reduced durability.

The K7XX are both tall and wide, delivering a great space inside the mix. This is something that can be appreciated when listening to Metal in particular. Tracks that can get entirely squished in some headphones are crystal clear on the K7XX. The K7XX midrange is expertly crafted: electric guitars, lead synths, and your brass instruments are well-balanced—again, the advantages of a flat frequency response.

String sections are also reproduced excellently in these and, likewise, it owes a lot to the space created around them.

Check the logo. AKG has absolutely nailed this section of the spectrum. And these headphones blast out that strong sound without it being surrounded by the unwanted resonances that cruder, cheaper headphones accidentally produce. And the accuracy here would help over-driven electric guitars and brass instruments sound hot, too. And at other times, headphones just increase the whole bass section and hope for the best.

But the K7XXs get right down to the bottom of the bass and then some. I find it absolutely invaluable to have that kind of confidence in my cans in the studio and these headphones really deliver on that front.

Just trust the cans — the bass will be ample. Though I expect most people will want these for mixing in the studio, I still want to recommend these purely for listening at home. Sometimes you want to listen on a commute and these are definitely not the cans for that.

For that, you might want to invest in a solid pair of active noise cancelling headphones instead.

k7xx vs hd58x reddit

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Sep 26, 42 0 7. I owned the X2 but i am looking for something different from my audio. Any views you have on said 3 headphones would be appreciated. And, of course, do you recommend any of the two headphones i am looking at?

Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, Feb 25, 14 20, Mostly gaming? Check out the K7XX from Massdrop. Soundstage and imaging are excellent. As is comfort. I prefer my HDs.The slightly warm but mostly neutral sound signature works well on pretty much all of the music to which I listen and I can enjoy it at low volumes. The HD58X has plenty of punch, well-enough extended bass and treble, and it generally sounds cohesive. By contrast, listening with the Elex I found a lot of songs that sounded impressive from a critical listening perspective, but nothing that tickled my musical fibers like the HD58X does.

Soon after, an open box Elex became available for a good price on Blinq. I find myself constantly reaching for the HD58X over the Elex and so the Elex will move on to a home where it might find more love. I listen to pretty much all kinds of music, but skew towards stuff that includes at least some acoustic instruments and unprocessed human voices.

I listen to a lot of music during the day while I work as a programmer, I occasionally do some focused critical listening for enjoyment and writing reviews like this one, and I like to listen in the evenings for relaxation.

I used to enjoy ballroom dancing with my wife prior to the arrival of our kids and so enjoy a good beat about as much as anyone. I casually play the piano and am learning to play the ukulele together with my young son. All three solid state amps did well. Both sounded even better from the NX4, which filled in the Elex bottom end a bit more and seemed to bring out a some more detail and clarity from the HD58X. The Elex sounded best from the Magni 3 which filled in its bottom end even more.

Interestingly, the volume on both headphones measured and sounded about the same without having to adjust the settings on the LG V20, so that made it easy to switch back and forth for testing. In particular, I never feel the need to turn on crossfeed to narrow the stereo image.

k7xx vs hd58x reddit

Both headphones separate instruments very well, and they both allow me to precisely place sounds within a contiguous soundstage, unlike the LCD2C which separates well but places everything into just one of three blobs left, center, right.

On The Marriage of Figaroboth headphones convey the sense of actually sitting in an opera house. I can easily imagine the vocalists on stage in front of me, with the male just left of center, the female just right of center, and the orchestra filling in around them.

Both headphones are tuned neutrally and render voices and acoustic instruments realistically. Male and female vocals are well balanced with each other and with the rest of the instrumentation. Both deviate a bit from neutral, with the HD58X a little towards the warm side and the Elex a little to the lean side. My measurements relative to a Harman-like target illustrate the general similarity in their tonal balance versus something like the LCD2C.

Both of these headphones really nail it all around. Tracks like Get Lucky and Metropolis Pt 1 show off what these headphones can do, with a fast driving beat in the former which makes me want to dance, and some fast double-bass drumming and highly technical bass guitar lines in the latter that make me want to bang my head while flashing the sign of satan.

Open-backed dynamic drivers often suffer from pretty severe sub-bass rolloff and dramatically increased distortion in this region.Super Best Audio Friends.

Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended. Last edited: Feb 21, AlexanderFeb 21, YMOspwathmonacelli and 4 others dislike this. If bass extension is not requisite then the HD sounds right up your alley. The K7XX never sounded right to me due to the upper midrange dip.

GanGreinkeFeb 21, YMOmonacellibrencho and 1 other person dislike this. YMO and brencho dislike this. Mithrandir41Feb 21, PsalmanazarFeb 21, Posting here because PM to Alexander isn't working for some reason: Hi, the dislike from me was because: The question could have gone under "general advice" like most questions do.

It's not that common for entirely new threads to get started on SBAF, and when they do it's usually because there's something more unique about the topic rather than a 'what to buy' question.

The question was also about 3 incredibly popular headphones with hundreds of pages of reviews on them already. A simple Google search on any of the names, or even a combination of the product names, would have made this thread obsolete. Nothing personal in the dislike, just an indication that the post doesn't really fit in here.

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k7xx vs hd58x reddit

A lot of people are telling me not to bother with the 58x and get the 6xx and I was wondering as to why that is? Share This Post. Oct 9, Post 2 of Mhog55 Headphoneus Supremus. Possible because they are nuts. In short order - midrange from my experience. To my ears, the 58X is the closest I'm going to get to a small, intimate, live concert sound for bucks.

I find them relatively balanced without the smoothness or lushly mids of the 6XX. To me, they just tell it as it is without being edgy. They have a very slight grain, but it's minor and I appreciate it for rock music. That's what I mainly listen to, and the 6XX wasn't my cup of tea for it. So ultimately you just have to decide which sound is for you. Post 3 of Rhamnetin Headphoneus Supremus. Here is a very knowledgeable review of each, and with measurements too.Sign Up Log In.

How Do Polls Work? Vote for your favorite products in an existing poll or create a new one. Voting Results Discussion Top Conversations. Latest Reply. I would avoid the 6XX for gaming at all cost. Own them, tested them for gaming, won't do it again. From Massdrop lineup the K7XX is the perfect one for gaming in my opinion. The 6XX are actually quite bad for gaming with a lack of spatialization. People voting them just don't understand that gaming isn't the same as music listening.

But that wouldn't be my choice. If you are gaming on PC go with Beyerdynamic. And they are great in any non gaming too. Dt or shp for gaming whoever says the 6xx is good for gaming is a lunatic I own all three. Aren't the shp's discontinued? What do you guys think? It's such an amp-dependent headphone, if you've got the setup for it, they're quite a nice all-rounder. HD 58x, and HD series headphones are terrible for gaming.

They blow the 58x out of the water soundstage and imaging-wise. Honestly for Gaming Logitech G Artemis are better than anything listed as they are profiled specifically for feature sets with gaming, but Sennheiser would be my second go to for the more natural sound, the main issue with open back design is the bass drop and the ambient noise from your environment, If you are using a Mechanical Keyboard with something like Cherry Blues that are loud and clicky your immersion is broken, so more a closed back design with something specifically made for gaming is better, Open back design is better for Music and Multimedia.

I though the HD 6XX were not really good for gaming due to their soundstage and imaging. Load 1 more comment.

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